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A social network for a sober lifestyle

An app for an alcohol free life

Four simple steps to start your journey to life without alcohol

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Sign-up today and become a member of our community, share and meet others who understand. 

2. Create a profile

Create your own profile which tells others about who you are.  You can be completely anonymous if you want. 


3. Take the first step

Cairy helps you take the first steps towards staying sober. Together, we help each other succeed. 

4. Be social & share

It’s important to be able to tell others about your progress. You can meet like-minded people here and share your thoughts. 

Meet, share and come into contact with others on Cairy.

Stay sober with us

The app for an alcohol free lifestyle

We help each other to reach our goals staying sober, and then keep them.
What is Cairy?
Problems Cairy helps to solve

CAIRY is a digital platform where members help each other to get sober and stay sober. Those of us who’ve developed CAIRY are alcoholics who no longer drink so this app is something really close to our hearts. CAIRY wants to make it easier to stay sober. It is easy to get started and an attractive alternative to make that crucial step towards a new life.   

A common problem when you stop drinking is feeling lonely.  With Cairy, you can search and find the right kind of people. They can also find you. Getting support from others going through the same things as you, or who have been in the same kind of situation, can be decisive in staying sober. It’s very common to feel bored or like you have nothing special to do. With Clairy, you will find alcohol free events and fun, everyday activities.

If you want to stay anonymous, that’s perfectly okay. But remember, it’s easier to meet like-minded people if you’re open about your background, where you’re from and your interests. But it’s completely up to you. Your privacy is important to us. That means we will not sell your data to others like some other social networks do. Instead, we have a 99 kr monthly membership fee. As well as membership, this gives you a digital and personal assistant to help you stay sober.  At Cairy, we’re here to help and we’re here for each other. Together with us, you’ll never feel alone.

What you need.

When you need it.


Chat and get to know new friends who’re committed to staying sober. Read and share posts, get tips and inspiration.


Share your experience and be there for others via online self-help meet-ups.


Be inspired by how others in the same situation as you have changed their lives. 


You can easily create and take part in all kinds of events and activities based on your location and interests.

The first step to staying sober.

Meet others, share your thoughts and be social with Cairy.


Be part of something bigger

We help each other to get sober and stay sober.

Together with you, your sober new friends and technology, we’re creating the world’s best social community and digital support system for an alcohol free lifestyle.  We become much stronger together so hope you will spread the word so that more people will become part of the sober revolution.  We warmly invite you to make a positive lifestyle change together with us and everyone else right here and right now!

The first step to a sober life

Stay focused on being sober